"Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program." – Linus Torvalds
He is skilled in Java. It is his primary language since 2009. He starts experience from Java 1.4 web service, and now, he constructs and operates Java 11 to 14 base service. His the most work with Java is developing web service, but he has some software and Android development experience.
It was the first time he did PHP programming when he was in charge of maintaining PHP 4.4 base legacy web service in 2011. In 2016, about right after the release of PHP 7, he started the professional experience with PHP language. He has the expertise of constructing WordPress, Magento, CodeIgniter, Laravel web service with PHP 7.
He started the professional experience with VanillaJS and jQuery since 2009. Currently, he constructs the front-end web service base on ECMAScript 2016-2019 with Babel. He has the expertise of building front-end web service with design frameworks like Bootstrap, Framework7, and Node.js framework like Express.js with PM2.
Spring Boot
He started Java framework experience from Servlet MVC and EJB, then turned to Spring Boot since 2018. He has the expertise that migrating Spring Boot 1.5 based web service to Spring Boot 2, and constructing Spring Boot 2.3 based services. Meanwhile, he has a Maven Central repository that uploaded his Spring Boot Starter library.
In 2018, he started Nuxt.js because it adopted as a front-end framework for the API log visualization system. Currently, he constructs several Nuxt.js SSR based front-end web services, and his portfolio website as well. He has expertise in building data visualization and admin services.
He started the professional experience with Vue.js to start Nuxt.js projects in 2018. He adopts Vue.js as a JavaScript framework because it can work with VanillaJS, and structured separated HTML and JavaScript, unlike other candidates such as AngularJS, React. He has expertise in building front-end apps with Vuetify.js, the design framework that based on Vue.js.
Park, Joonsang
B.S. in Computer Science, Dec. 2015
Web developer Joonsang Park is a graduate of Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science. He started professional programming from the Republic of Korea Air Force in 2011. He had worked there as an IT Technician for two years, developed EJB based intranet portal, Oracle database, Java software, and C++ software. After he discharged in 2013, he worked as a freelance Java developer until returning to college. In 2015, he graduated from college and started his career as a web developer in the US. Currently, he has returned to his home country, Korea, and worked at Cafe24 for developing the OAuth 2.0 Provider and Cafe24 API Monitoring Service.
Seoul, South Korea
Front-end HTML 7 CSS 6 JavaScript 7 jQuery 8 Vue.js 6 Nuxt.js 8 Bootstrap 8 Vuetify.js 8
Back-end Java 8 PHP 6 Node.js 5 Spring Boot 8 Laravel 6 Express.js 6
Database MariaDB 7 MySQL 5 PostgreSQL 5
Server Mgmt. CentOS 6 Nginx 5 Apache 5 PM2 6 HAProxy 3 Redis 5 Graylog 5
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